For a customer in Seattle, USA we’ve produced a new dryer for a throughput of 1000 kg/h ground LDPE film. The company is developing high efficiency materials for massive industries, made 100% from plastic waste.

So the main purpose of the machine is the deep dry cleaning of plastic flakes.

The flakes enter the machine at the infeed section. The material flow is supported by the vacuum effect created by the turning rotor and the corresponding position of its blades.

This means intensive pre-cleaning of plastic flakes without the addition of water. With integrated conveying blower for transport of flakes to the next machine.


Consisting of:

  • reinforced Rotor with replaceable acceleration paddles
  • mechanical screen cleaning for continuous cleaning of outside screen and inside housing
  • central lubrication system


Special Features:

  • surface pre-cleaning through high friction
  • continuous impurity evacuation via collection screw and blower exhaust
  • practically maintenance-free


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