Zig zag air classifier

A zig zag air classifier divides a mixed material stream into two homogeneous streams. The upward vacuum extraction ensures the lighter micronized materials blow up to exit the sorting chamber separately, leaving the heavier materials to exit at the bottom.

For higher quality performance, B+B builds classifiers by placing multiple units in a circular arrangement. The material is evenly distributed via a plate ensuring a higher throughput.

Zig zag air separator application

B+B builds and supplies customized zig-zag air separators for two main points in the recycling process. First, for the separation of films or paper after dry cleaner and second, for the separation of fines and dust from the ‘end product’.

The zig-zag air classifier is commonly applied in the PET recycling process, when contaminants, such as labels, paper, and plastic wrappers are removed from the PET flakes.

With a zig-zag air classifier, your process benefits from:

  • crossflow sifting of granules and small-sized plastic particles
  • multi-chamber system for high-quality separation
  • compact design
  • practically maintenance-free enabling continuous operation

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