Plastic (PET) hot washer for food grade and high-quality recyclables

A PET hot washer, is an indispensable piece of equipment for any plastic recycling industry. Also known as a plastic hot wash machine, it produces recyclables requiring food grade or high-quality grades. Adding this machine to the washing line of plastics such as PET, HDPE, PP/PE, etc., removes contaminants. Materials such as adhesives, scrap label remnants, drink and food residues and odor will be removed.


Depending on your throughput requirements, B+B customizes the plastic hot washer with a number of washing chambers. These are continuously filled and emptied in a revolving principle. Also, the machine is provided with a closed cleaning water circuit that automatically purifies the washing solution. It passes through a heat exchanger before reentering the washing chamber.

The benefits of a B+B custom-made plastic hot wash machines include:

  • Pre-cleaning for obtaining food grade recyclables
  • High energy efficiency thanks to innovative recycling technology
  • Precise dispensation of caustic soda or other additives
  • Washing water heated by commonly fueled heat exchangers (steam, gas, and electricity)
  • Continuous operation
  • Continuous cleaning water circuit

For more information and technical details, please download the leaflet Plastic hot washer .Or feel free to contact our sales department at +49 (0) 5231 308 710 .

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