Plastic Recycling Solutions

B+B design, supply, install and maintain plastic recycling machines

The growing part of waste management is plastic recycling solutions. Quality of sorting, washing and separation machinery is becoming increasingly important.

Plastic recycling machines

B+B Anlagenbau offers advanced plastic recycling machines for the sustainable processing of different types of plastic waste. We are committed to providing tailor-made solutions for your specific production needs. We are aware of the importance of sustainable waste management and are proud to contribute to a circular economy through our innovative recycling machines.

Recycling industrial plastic waste

Our plastic recycling machines include a wide range of equipment, such as shredders, granulators, washing lines, sorting systems and more. We design and manufacture our machines to meet the specific needs of your application, whether recycling industrial plastic waste or post-consumer plastic waste.

Plastic recycling industry

With our expertise and years of experience in the plastics industry and recycling, we provide high-quality equipment and services for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and are the ideal partner for your plastic recycling needs. We offer tailor-made solutions and are ready to assist you every step of the way, from design to installation and maintenance.

For recycling plants worldwide, we design, supply, install, and maintain plastic recycling machinery and complete washing lines for nearly all kinds of plastic.

Besides supplying standard units, we offer custom-made machines, full installations, spare parts, and maintenance support.

At B+B we aim to increase the recycling of plastics because this benefits the planet (lower production of new resources, lower energy consumption, and lower CO2 emissions), people (growing industry creating new jobs), and profit (profitable plants).


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