Mechanical dryer for maximum moisture reduction in recycling process

The mechanical dryer is an efficient machine to obtain maximum moisture reduction from a plastic flake stream, for instance PET. A logical step between the washing and the drying process, because it reduces the overall effort of the thermal dryer resulting in reduced energy consumption.

B+B designs and builds mechanical dryers with a length of up to 5 meters by using the method of centrifugal force. Our machines reach a residual humidity of < 1% in the output stream of plastic pellets or flakes.


The centrifugal force in the mechanical dryer generates a high friction. The stream of dried materials will therefore also be disposed of dust by the basket screens. During the process, the screens will be automatically cleaned.

Features of the B+B mechanical dryer include:

  • designed for maximum moisture reduction
  • practically maintenance-free
  • low wear

According to your requirements, B+B builds and supplies a variety of mechanical dryers differing in throughput, driving power and diameter. Please download the leaflet Mechanical Dryer or contact us at your convenience for more information.


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