Dry cleaner recycling

Serves as pre cleaner and centrifuge

A dry cleaner recycling is a machine designed by B+B that serves the purpose to pre-clean plastics from sand, stones, glass, paper, etc. This method is very sustainable because it requires no addition of water and is low in energy consumption.

Practice shows that a combination of the dry cleaner followed by the zig-zag air classifier {LINK to zig-zag air classifier} results in a 90 – 95% separation of contaminants, without the plastics coming in contact with water or cleaning solution.

Advantages of dry cleaner as pre-cleaner

  • no water consumption, no water waste
  • low waste disposal costs because this is dry material only
  • save on operating costs as the machine stays dry at all times

B+B builds and supplies a custom-made dry cleaner according to your requirements for the plastic recycling process. For wet material streams, we design stainless steel machines.

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